MONSTURO "S/T" c20 (Ekhein)

Super mystery. I'm not sure where i got this tape and i can't find much about either the label (which looks good!) or the band on line, Monsturo does have a webpage but as you'd expect, pretty limited info.

The tape has solid black xerox labels on both sides with only the label name on them. My favorite thing about heavy coverage like that is the toner doesn't really fuse well, it starts to rub off slightly depending on usage and contact and it gives it a really charred look that i love.

This tape feels and listens just about the same, ultra bleek & minimal with limited distinguishing marks. Total sensory deprivation. Both sides have that aftershock feel walking through some subterranean void with no light. One point worth making is despite being so distant it doesn't have a heavy tape hiss to it which is actually nice, it gives the sounds a lot more depth despite feeling so distant.

Definitely a nice piece of work.
black and white packaging, not much more information.

still available from the artist: