PENIS GEYSER (2nd tape, 2007)

"TOTAL DESTRUCTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION" - "MUSIC IS FOR NO ONE" --- This is the 2nd tape release of Columbus Ohio's completely unreasonable noisecore band, Penis Geyser, recorded in 2007. It's a little more to work with that the one the year before, this time filling a whole 3 minutes on one side of a c6! Yeah, what an epic, huh? The recording is basically indecipherable harsh noise, straying from the completely ADD start/stop/repeat format of the earlier tape. There are three members credited (including Mikeal of the Smash Music noisecore zine!!!) for various percussion and vocal work, but it is seemingly inaudible... My favorite thing about this tape is its look - all black xerox with sparse white lettering inside a black envelope, tape's label is black print on a black label... Reminds me of the Fields Of Blood CD done on the Outfall Channel label in Dayton: ALL BLACK. There is a cool xerox booklet with a series of images of a woman altered in different ways via photocopy machine work, which I'm still/forever a sucker for. The look is totally "harsh noise", straight-faced and morbid, despite the name of the band I mean. ~ Robert Inhuman 11/27/08