ROBEDOOR / HUSERE GRAV split c45 (Not Not Fun)

This split is a great pairing of sides from the workhorse Robedoor and Husere Grav who i am hearing here for the first time. The cover depicts some sort of southeast asian ceremony happening that looks like a totally fugged up game of reverse-duck duck goose with a crowd of people reaching out to a circling figure who is all dressed up. You know, you can tell a lot by first impressions, love at first sight or don't judge a book by the cover, whatever, either way i was checking it out as i popped it in thinking "either an incense party" or "an appropriating tribal jam?"

Answer is neither, on both accounts/ sides, ESPECIALLY the husere grav side which about the only southeast asian resemblance it has is that, uh it makes you feel like "you ain't at home" (unless you're reading this from malaysia). The side is a pretty tension oriented (pun!) affair with suggestions of rhythm only ever barely creeping into the audible. It has a super bunker vibe to it, like you've been tunneling and have a scalp covered in dust and musk, possibly post-air raid. lots of smokey murk mixing with yr essential air causing you to get red-eyed and half delirious.

The Robedoor side (actually Side A)has a different 'tude invoked, while mainting an earthy feel, the tape starts a lot lighter creating a balcony of guitar and vocals, maybe there's some light coming through, but i wouldn't call it a hopeful scene if yr the lost traveler, because this stuff is definitely loaded with a sense of foreboding. Then the trees quake, the earth shakes and the dirt separates and yr stuck staring at a rumbling, thudding minimal drum scape and some super muddied up guitar. Definitely a bad sign for yr khakis. the sounds only get thicker and thicker and thicker and thicker till yr eventually totally covered in vines, lips swollen, mucus filling yr mouth and the guitar and drums just build and build becoming heavier and more violent. tape ends with some delayed out / processed vocals (i think) and yr total decomposition. maybe if yr lucky there'll be a reverse-duck duck goose ceremony where you just got ate the eff up by the jungle jams.

recommended for nights alone, camping trips or for ruining the good vibes at the holidays. great stuff.

full color cover, tape labels in an edition of 150.

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