ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER "Transmat Memories" c40 ? (Taped Sounds)

This tape is a serious piece of work! The output of one dude from Boston may not strike you as fertile breeding ground for space-age synthesizer compositions but this stuff is really solid; stands on par with any of the mid era Tangerine Dream records (though features exclusively synth work, no guitars or acoustic instruments) and maintains a tempo that TD usually drops off in favor of a more ethereal approach.

Two sides of almost manic sequences usually two at a time snaking into each other with one eventually fading as another new staccato burst assumes control. Most have a sort of controlled feeling despite their tempo though there's a great great piece in the middle of the second (i think, i've listened to the tape a couple times and don't know which side is A or B) side that sticks out just by virtue of being slow and heavy. it starts of sounding like a boat motor in mud, total motion sickness vibe, the low disgusting rolling sounds slowly are joined by a bubbling mid range and a uncoiling high end phrase that repeats and repeats, burning the low end sound out of yr ear. From their it's all downhill and uphill and yr skin is peeling off and your listening to the sound of boiling mercury and it rules.

I feel like it's important to point out that Taped Sounds put this out, a label that is constantly cataloging all sorts of tape hiss bliss and dream soundtracks and this tape fits in perfectly alongside the most recent Non-horse tape, Afternoon Penis tape and the Mudboy/Orphan fairytale LP that came out a year and a half ago despite all of them having completely different approaches/methods for coming to the point they're trying to make. Excellent!

There's rumors swirling of a Dolphins Into The Future / OPN collab, can't wait to hear that. Comes in a bleached out pastel color cover, looks like maybe a bomb accident pictured? Blank white tape.

Still available from the label: