Soup Purse / Argumentix split "True Guru Electronics" c28 (Below PDX)

When i saw the title of this tape "true guru electronics" i didn't know if these dudes were playing off the current wave of interest in 'new age' culture and music, proclaiming themselves the true gurus of electronics or just liked the way they sounded together (a great pairing of words if you ask me.)

well, after listening, i still can't tell what the exact intentions were of the artists, the Argumentix side does have a nice "tone therapy" vibe to some of it, though it sounds like a lot of the sounds are made up of tapes being eaten or distorted, stuff being cut up played backwards and washing out yr earhole, which is fine by me! a short side at 14 minutes, but a nice divergence from the more beat oriented stuff he's been doing lately.

the soup purse side is a bit of a mystery and not necessarily in a good way. don't want to harsh on anything here, but what starts as a nice pile up of voices, creating a healthy murk of vocal sounds and curdling electronics turns into samples about pissing on people and talking faux-whitehouse style vocals? can't really tell if it's a joke or serious or what and that being said it's hard to determine what to do with it. I know james (below pdx head honcho) has a real sense of humor and isn't afraid to introduce it to his music/label, and kudos for it, but this side just missed the mark and undercut what maybe was serious music? yoinks...

full color cover of some blue jumpsuit lady bowing before a disgusting 'guru' looking dude with a extended unicorn turd for a walking stick. red tapes with black and white labels, still available from the label: