BUFFLE "Cavernicole" (Relax Produzioni) c10

I don't want to act as if i'm underscoring the quality of the music on this blue cassette, but i'm obligated to start off by saying this Italian label Relax Produzioni has hands down the best logo i've ever ever seen. A circle w/ a pair of bare feet, in the laying down position with a cowboy hat floating just above, barely touching the big toes on both feet. Super simple but sooo striking, and it's italian!? amazing. anyhow. This label evidently has consistency in mind, great simple logo and great simple music.

Buffle can slide from side to side, long layered pieces with lots of padding and thickness, like a smokey room with only one lightbulb and water up to your waist. Other times they're playful and the recordings are pretty transparent; yup, that's a guitar and a keyboard and a delay pedal, etc. It's a nice relationship to have with a band, a signature sound that can be applied to any number of approaches. Well, this tape has not only upped the ante, but has also found a soft spot of mine. Much like the muntjac tape on Taped Sounds (reviewed mid october) this tape has a real bedroom, 4-track vibe to it. Well, to be more precise a kitchen/4-track vibe to it, it sounds like the dudes opened the cabinets, arranged a few "drum kits" and busted out the guitars and let er' rip. both sides are mostly these snakey, clanky busted up simple jams that interweave the percussive pots and pans with the noodley but not wank-off guitars. A slight refrain at the beginning of the second side, almost like a reminder of what else the band does; weird keyboard relapse attack but actually a sort of nice interrupt to allow you to feel the cupboard jams fresh again.
Full color cover, blue cassette, blue/clear case and the aforementioned best logo ever.

RELAX Produzioni released it but
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