This tape was mailed to Cassette Gods with my name on it. I was recruited into CG for the purpose of reviewing tapes dealing in all variations of hardcore punk and electronic, not noise. This tape is very much a noise tape, in just about every way, in every vague and irrelevent way. I don't really listen to a lot of noise recordings, especially on cassettes, unless they are specifically driven by some form of radical or sociopolitical ideas or motivations. This element needs to be readily evident, cos I can't fucking read minds. With no notes or explaination or absolutely anything to convince me this is not just more SOUND FOR SOUND'S SAKE or worse yet the complete tsunami of ACCIDENTAL NIHILISM that carries the noise scene in the US and elsewhere, combined with any knowledge whatsoever of my personal politics regarding the functions of music and bands which are readily noticable in most of what I involve myself with, why would I be somebody who'd want to review this particular tape? There are other writers for CG that surely feel much less critical and downright combative as me about the popular noise scene, I just don't understand why I was chosen as the target reviewer. Maybe it was just another case of somebody seeing my name and making assumptions, I have no clue, but I do not usually write reviews of ANYTHING, let alone tapes, nor do I seek or read reviews at least 360 days a year I'd say, and I am on here to review variations of hardcore music. The term "hardcore" is sooo fucking loose too, I mean it can mean hundreds of things, but this tape not connected to hardcore by anything I've been brought aware of. I am not gonna get into my opinion of it as a noise tape on here, it's not why I'm writing and trust me you wouldn't wanna hear my thoughts on it anyhow. Please please please though feel free to send your hardcore, grindcore, noisecore, speedcore, etc. not-just-made-up-genre-names-as-a-joke tapes to CG with my name on it and I will talk about your tape! And this is not a rant saying you should not send noise to CG, cos I'm pretty sure you're supposed to, just please don't put my name on it cos it's not why I'm writing for CG (I said it yet again, sorry) - You don't wanna hear my opinion of the average noise tape cos I will not talk about if it sounded good, I will talk about if it taught me jackshit or not about anything. Oh yeah, for this tape, though I kinda didn't review it, www.scissordeath.com ~ Robert Inhuman, October 2008