MARKUS SCHWILL "Heart-Beat-Diagram" c60 (Borft)

I was turned onto this tape by Jelle Crama, hanging out in his old spot he was just keeping the soundtrack going for the day, sneaking out of the room to pop on another cassette so you'd only notice halfway through the music had changed and was amazing. This tape was soooo stunning. Supposedly the work of some eccentric German dude who has since disappeared (even though the liner notes say there is more work ready to be released!!!), this tape for me sums up the aesthetic i've grown to love from the Swedish label Borft. A mix of sophisticated and crude electronics / synthesizers, one part mystery, two parts so weird it can't be from this world. This is the same scene Enema Syringe came from.

Recorded in 1992 and released in 1993(and STILL AVAILABLE!) this tape precedes all the current synthesizer/sequencer fascination currently sweeping our ears from under us. It's a live take all done with an MS-20 and effects mixer, it's at times totally raw and grimey and alternately semi-clean and upbeat/dancey. It has a somewhat minimal feel, i think a result of it being recorded live and only one person playing one synth, but in no way does that suggest scarcity or lack in the approach and output.

The tape has been a constant companion since i ordered it a couple years ago and it has never grown tired or redundant. Unbelievable that it's still available, definitely worth checking out along with anything else on the borft label!