ACCOU “Stereo” C30 (Possible Motive)

“A banquet of sounds” indeed. Brussels-based artist Accou certainly drenches his atmospheres in vivid richness, the billowing ambience thick as fog banks on the brink of changing from a gas to a liquid state. Two tracks are long, one is short, and the blankets of sound manifest in physical form to obscure the vision. That’s OK – when you’re meditating you’re supposed to keep your eyes closed anyway.

That’s the point of Stereo, whose calming demeanor allows for easy slippage into a self-focused trance. In it you ponder the glacial tonal and timbral changes each track goes through, each glistening arc from sunrise to sunset and back, all in time lapse. And Accou even provides a glimpse into the workstation used – mixers, speakers, patch cords, tapes. What’s going on in there?

Stereo is what’s going on. Perfect for big headphones.