PROLAPS “Pure Mud Vol. 7” C54 (Hausu Mountain)

It was like OMG before I even ripped into this mutha. Oh yeah, you know about Prolaps, right? If you’re not hip to it, let me enlighten you: one half of Prolaps is Machine Girl; the other half is Bonnie Baxter (of Kill Alters). Want more? OMG, Bonnie Baxter is awesome. I couldn’t even shut up about her last Hausu dealie AXIS, the one with the cardinal rising like a phoenix from the not-really ashes of anything, let alone a giant metal scorpion. Also OMG (and get used to multiple OMGs on this thing), Machine Girl is awesome. I think Machine Girl might be a direct descendant of Alec Empire. I know they’re both still alive, but whatever.

Their Prolaps project finds them indulging in each other’s best tendencies: Baxter’s unpredictability both vocally and musically, her ability to turn a tune on its head at any moment in time – or constantly – and warp the hell out of it until we’re so disoriented that the disorientation itself becomes the main attraction; Machine Girl’s power techno and blistering anger, both masquerading as the Mortal Kombat soundtrack if NMESH got a hold of it and slathered it with candy. Pure Mud Vol. 7 is rave culture run through a digital hardcore filter, beaming like metallic rainbow on a field of Skittles. The cheeky/pagan symbols on the cover suggest an unhinged silliness that’s actually quite dangerous if you let it get too far out into the mainstream. People might not be safe if that happens.

So it’s OK that Pure Mud Vol. 7 is just confined to this tape (and ugh, there’s a CD version too), so you can play it and then turn it off if it gets to be too much. But that’s one of the best things about Prolaps (and Bonnie Baxter and Machine Girl too): even when it gets to be “too much,” it’s never too much. There’s always some other new weird facet to discover, and at 24 tracks and 54 minutes, Pure Mud Vol. 7 will be dishing out new weird facets for a long time to come. Now, all you have to do is grab a copy. OMG, right?