MYTHICAL MOTORS “This Is What the Twilight Zone Was Preparing Us For” (Fall Break Records)

This is it. This is EXACTLY what The Twilight Zone was preparing us for. We are living at a time when the surreal and unbelievable happens around us all the time. Does it cause panic, stress, discomfort? Sure, just like all those characters on the show, we’re constantly battling confusing headwinds, trying to get our bearings in order to make sense of everything. Are we succeeding? Heck no!

But that’s OK when you’ve got Matt Addison’s Mythical Motors project to back you up and give you some sort of shelter throughout the storm. Always at full tilt and with an unending store of optimism, Addison and crew blast through lo-fi power pop anthems like GBV or early Sloan without a studio budget. Don’t let that fool you – it all sounds great. Addison has proven over [*counts on fingers*] a bunch of releases that he’s quite the able songwriter, and his chops just keep improving. I love tunes like “Bloodwork Tactics” and “Motorcade Shapes,” crammed back to back in the middle of the tape, fuzz-driven tunes that burst fully formed before quickly fizzing out. That’s right – only two of the twenty-two tracks here stretch beyond two minutes, and those don’t even break 2:10.

Students of GBV indeed!

Students of putting a smile on your face too. Combating that TZ weirdness. Giving us an out. So think about this: you can either spend your life worrying, fighting that uphill battle, or you can choose positive vibes, always and forever. You can choose Mythical Motors.