“Share My Chaise” C34

You are traveling fifty-some-odd floors skyward in an elevator, at a reasonable pace. The sound system is fresh, and the bell-hop/DJ obviously values mortality* less than the average bear. Billy N’ Dave’s “Share My Chaise" is being piped in via bluetooth technology, cz there are (obviously) some unavoidable herkings and jerkings bound to happen, 'twixt landings, due to structural issues, and a proper turntable would be too bulky, anyway… but, really, our devil-may-care bell-hop here, all they Really Want To Do is both exercise the freedom to test your will power for actually not shaking, shimmying, prancing, & otherwise stomping your foot on the floating floor in ecstatic appreciation for this truly undeniable groovage here, and but also (said bellhop) wants to see just how quickly (not the If, but the When) you will question just-what-the-fuck not only are they doing here in the first place but what, exactly, do they (the royal “they") even-like-really Mean by “elevator music”, “cheesiness”, “fusion**”, or “personal space”?!

Which is to say, this is weird and rad and nostalgic and wild and awesome and probably not everybody’s cup of tea; but, if it’s yours, you’re in for a real fucking treat! NYC’s GALTTA Media has a seriously disciplined aesthetic of High/Good Times vibes for daze, and is really an all-around infectious, well, well, well worth checking out tape label! Hop on board…


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*theirs AND yours
**by 2020, what true musician has NOT been deeply altered to their very core by bearing witness to and, consciously or not, co-opting the countless genres’ charms from myriad regions, amirite? Here, Jazz, Soul, & Funk take precedence in the conscious mix, though New Age & Synth Pop peek in, here & there, for sure.