INSONE “MMXIX” (Crippled Sound Records)

Sheets of trauma reverberate through your mind as the blackness descends; unfettered feedback slowly encapsulates your consciousness as your mood shifts from dark to darker, and calamity awaits. São Paulo’s Insone plugs in and detonates, the intense rushing cloud hurtling at you like an explosion ripping uncontrolled through a mine. First your eyes take in the onrushing doom, then your mouth fills with ash, and your lungs are charred in your chest as your chest and everything else is also charred. This is the experience of being in the presence of MMXIX; this is the danger we must all face.

Saddled with tragic memories and exposed to Insone, one may spiral further into despair. But fear not; Insone’s rumbling noise is a cathartic blast of cleansing shrapnel, stripping away the scored carbon till all is smooth and new again. By turning into and directly facing MMXIX, you can stand as rippling waves of serrated particles bombard you and transform the surface of your psyche. The quicker and more willingly you let go, the easier your transformation will be. And while the process may seem daunting and the affair as harrowing as this all sounds, it will be worth it in the end.