BILLY N’ DAVE “Share My Chaise” (Galtta)

“Billy” is the inimitable Billy G. Robinson, soul singer, and “Dave” is David Lackner, multi-instrumentalist and purveyor of all fine things Galtta. Together they jam – they jam reeeeal good. Like 1970s and 1980s R&B at its finest, Share My Chaise is drenched in innuendo and entendre, perfect for romance and relaxation. Robinson’s tenor floats beautifully over Lackner’s complex arrangements, and the result is like Lionel Richie or Stevie Wonder jamming with Steely Dan at a late-night lounge. They both know their way around a melody – I was going to call out Lackner specifically for his incredible attention to detail on his sax and synth runs, but man, Robinson is just a virtuoso in vocal seduction. This pairing is for reals!

“Change your ways/ share my chaise” goes the title track, and there isn’t a better mission statement you’re going to get as an album opener. The come-ons may be dripping with intention, but there’s a knowingness to them as well, especially in the Me Too era. “What makes me different from all of the others?” Robinson sings. To that end, Share My Chaise serves as an ode to the great romantic records you may have heard when you were a kid, and Lackner and Galtta prove again that they’re at the top of this throwback game. No, not “throwback” – they’re bringing R&B into the future.