My kid’s got a hankering for the 1950s radio station in the car, so that’s all we basically listen to when we’re driving around. It’s not remotely a stretch to say that NOLA outlaws Nick Shoulders and the Okay Crawdad would fit on there perfectly, popping up between Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard tunes, or Elvis and Conway Twitty. In fact, of the seven songs (three covers) on Lonely Like Me is a rendition of Elvis’s “Black Star.” If there was a moment to shout “Elvis lives!,” it would certainly be after hearing this lively rendition (which, admittedly, doesn’t really sound much like Elvis).

Nick Shoulders ropes the country-and-western tropes of the era and hogties em to his delightfully agile tenor, which veers into perfect rugged-trail yodeling at will. (There’s even a track called “Empty Yodel” highlighting it.) There’s also a bit of whistling. His combo the Okay Crawdad perfectly encapsulates the style of the time, making Lonely Like Me as timeless as it is nostalgic. There’s even a great cover of the Stooges’ “No Fun”! At a time when artists like Orville Peck (whose record I adore) are tapping into this style and energizing it, Nick Shoulders and the Okay Crawdad certainly stand out.