“Superbloom II” C45
(Mystic Timbre)

Blending cosmic new-age (think Constance Demby’s “Novus Magnificat”, but more minimalism-ized)  ambiance with dark baroque/dungeon synth textures (see: Fief or Chaucerian Myth), Phantoms Vs. Fire are in a dedicated limbo all their own, and it’s beyond otherworldly.

Through bowed/pizzicato strings, field recordings, modular wizardry, & an ever looming sense of getting lost in a sundowning woodland, “Superbloom II” will spin magical self-eating tales around the consciousness of anyone who dare lend a closed-eyed open-ear. I cannot recommend this intake enough!

Cranking out some truly hallucinatory stuff here, Austin’s MYSTIC TIMBRE imprint is progressively rock-fucking-solid, and pretty much their entire catalog is drool-worthy, so…study time, folx!


—Jacob An Kittenplan