V/A “Th’ Gunk Stunk” (DiHD)

Side A

1. BONELIST-Bonelist: Seems straightforward, a steady jackhammering of cement chords, threatening a good talking-to. (more like talking through you)

2. MAXIMUM ERNST-Mature Manure: >>>they mean that. They are earnest in their efforts, no complaints, even bordering on joyous. That is of course, if it weren’t for that discolored rash everyone’s got on their arms. That’s where the titular mature manure comes in handy-dandy.

3. WASP-Hymn of the Hymenoptera: I don’t want to get too literal with Wasp. I think they are already more waspy than W.A.S.P. ever pretended to be. None of their moms are named Bunny or Gidget. I mean, one of it’s members is an insect! Caninus(duel pitbull terrier-fronted grindcore band) and Hatebeak(grey parrot-fronted death metal band) have a new theoretical labelmate. Full disclosure: I was stung on the thumb by a wasp yesterday, and you can imagine, I have more than a little respect for this band, and want to get on their good side. Seriously, Wasp, I like this one a lot!

4. FILTH GARDEN-Ain’t Right: HIGH HONORS. This is Rockin’ like Dokken, Baby! Donald Dokken is there in spirit, getting nasal, with a hint of rudeness… He never really seemed that rude, more of a gent. “Ain’t Right” says it all, getting judgy, and shoving people out of the way, starting stuff that otherwise wouldn’t have been started. Take heed, fellow polite persons: it’s gonna get uncomfortable for a while.

5. IVOR BLAHA-Strolling To The New Rhythms Of Dry Cheap Music: IB, on piano, playing us out for a snappy ditty. Scratchy throat surfaces of magnetic tape and/or Edison cylinders grinding, actually, sort of violently, even though Plastikman would’ve sampled that beat back in 1993 and brought the heat to the Detroit dancefloor. Richie Hawtin, lissen up! You have a hit yet to make, in the twilight of your career.

Side B

1. TRIGAL-Frykt: Norwegian multimedia producer, bringeth frykt, a wavy, wayward zone of sci-fi architecture. It moseys via terraformed lagoon into a butterfly’s lair, and high-fives a helicopter.

2. TOADS-Spider: New Brunswick, NJ’s Toads are talking some smack about everyone’s favorite arthropod. If I’ve learnt anything about the creepy crawlies, it’s that we must befriend our fellow terrestrial beings. That said, I suspect I will still break out in hives. “Toads” are amused by all this nature, kind of non-plussed really. I get it, Toads, you’re on a different plane, for real.

3. SPECK-EDD: Microscopic, not seen with the naked eye, however, the Speck has a tremendous rhythm section. It wails large-like. A fine study in the micro-macro. I propose a stretched out expansion of this laffy taffy, perhaps a thirty minute exercise in endurance. Then, for a little symmetry, side b is a real-time rewind at normal speed.

4. THE BROWN CHRISTMAS-Sriracha and Safety Pins: Closing out th’Gunk Stunk, is none other than The Brown Christmas, to heal all yer wounds. These dudes are such great hosts. May I suggest a last dance? Perhaps a pickled bamboo chute? They constructed this number while projecting the closing credits to the film Irreconcilable Differences, starring Drew Barrymore. For those of you who like Boards of Canada, but think they could go easy on all that “We live in a subterranean bunker in the picturesque Scottish hillside”, and not be so afraid of staining their synthesizer with a pint of ale. The BC serve up the flavors of tomorrow with a certain cosmopolitan classiness indeed. I’m afraid th’Gunk Stunk has come to a close. We’ve been to a lot of new places, haven’t we? I think we learned a little more about ourselves.



--Adam Padavano