“Brief Candles” C38
( \\Null | Zone// )

Freshly released from the timbre-worshipping ashram of Mills College, Matt Robidoux shares with us an avant-pop collection that puts reeds and brasses to the very fore, shining a surgical spotlight on their nuance-rich, layered swells & trembling binaural tremolos, all sonic posits’ curliques each donning fractal-flirt-worthy flourishes of their very own, and this is a triiiiip! Whether upbeat or glacially stretched out, the scenes MR sets are spacious and sweltering, are thick enough to sink one’s claws &/or teeth into, each and every one, and the leaps he takes are daring and righteous, yet make total sense, once all the dust settles. 
Listen to at your loudest responsible volume, all in one sitting, and you won’t be disappointed; but if you’re on a time crunch, at least do yourself the phenomenal favor of taking in tracks 6 and 7, the former featuring Ylang Ylang’s vocals that blend seamlessly with and somehow still scratch against some brilliant classical drone-tones and a deceptive percussive pulse…and the riffs on track 7, *chef’s kisses*, just remarkable!

Matt Robidoux has come up with something truly original, fairly accessible, and an all-around dee-lightful here! Big ups to Null Zone for taking a chance to put this beautifully weird release out!


—Jacob An Kittenplan