“IV” C51
(Mystic Timbre)

Seikai’s output has been nothinug short of in-your-face dynamic in its quest for banging out red hot takes on New Age, Dungeon Synth, & EZ Listenin’ tropes, collaging all three of their emotional aesthetics into a disorienting stew of visuals-inducing trance. 

There are scads of synthesizers & mixing-board commandings, for daze, sure, but there’s also fucking melodica leads, slide guitar-as-texture, and that blissfully cheesy/Euglossinian guitar lick that…just…somehow…fits, against all odds. All of this vacillating between baroque-stilted and jazz-jammy, edge-of-seat and couch-buried. 

Personally, listening to this, I can’t NOT imagine all the drama and down-time that might be felt, were two bounty-hunter-wizards to track one another for days in the Everglades, trapped within the walls of an ever-circling hurricane-eye. Fan-fucking-tastic!


—Jacob An Kittenplan