MID-AIR! “I’opus Rotto” C29 (100% Bootleg)

This thing’s in a bag. It doesn’t come in a Norelco case like most tapes (but surely not all); instead, it’s packaged in one of those hanging plastic bags like you see junky toys sold in at the grocery store. It’s … interesting. I kind of love it.

Now that we’ve got the weird display stuff out of the way, let’s pop in this sucker. Yesterday we tackled List of Mystery Films, and today we’ve got I’opus Rotto, another in a long line of delectable chillaxed grooves set to instrumental hip-hop rhythms from our pal Mid-Air! I’opus Rotto loosely translates to “a ruptured artistic work,” and if anything describes Mid-Air!’s work, it’s that. Utilizing dusty old vinyl samples (you can hear the hiss), I’opus Rotto runs everything through digital processing, cutting and pasting, leaving in mistakes in the beat or stuttered breaks. The dreamlike pacing and smeared borders of reality allow for peak immersion, perfect for marathon headphone sessions. Side B is drumless and reordered, capitalizing even further on the trancelike vibes.

Jazz meets ambient while nodding off at a dark hotel bar after a long flight. We’ve all been there.