OUT LIKE LAMBS “Field Studies Vol. 2”

In hindsight, this is what I’d call a hallowed supergroup (a headcount of 22). The distinctions from track-to-track suggest conflicting schedules and varied line-ups, as is the norm when the tunes got to be played and life gets to be lived. Sometimes people have to sing back-up from another room, for a faint contribution within the couch-cushion and down comforter fortress.

But… You can’t fool us, shoe-goo-gazing your way through those chunky power chords and cereal commercials. Some cheerful, and occasionally piercing, soaring highs, skirt the smooth, steady lows. A much-needed, massive ritual freak-out follows, segueing into NJ’s urban seaside Appalachia. Two-lane brains through the plains: Medieval scenery, with a post-Enlightenment chip on it’s shoulder. There are lots of moods, from pensive and reflective and brooding, to defiant and youthful ecstasy. A small child sings a shanty with an old-soul-leather surface. There are connected storylines, present-to-past-to-what-if? There’s even a little nod to Truckin’ via audio-collage.

Some recurring themes and instrumental compositions, and then the last>last> last track digs its high heels in, under loose-fitting pantaloons.

The stand out track for me, is Laugh it Up, a miniature radio-hit.

field studies V2

--Adam Padavano