GEO RIP “TTT Mixtape” C63 (The Trilogy Tapes)

Yo gang, it’s true, Geo Rip is at it again, this time with TTT Mixtape, which, come to think of it, pretty accurately describes this thing right there in the title. Besides the TTT part, I mean. It’s the Mixtape that gets it going, the concept of a bunch of ideas coming together and running loud and long over both sides of a cassette. True to form and definition, TTT Mixtape compiles a couple previously released tracks (the boiling “Tuff Budget” and the garbage can funk of “Tryin’”) and pairs them with “extended versions/edits of mix material.” Basically, Geo Rip sifted through some tracks, reworking them to append here for extended enjoyment. “You’re welcome,” we can almost hear the trio of John Jones, Aaron Leitko, and Mike Petillo say through the turning spools.

Oh, this release is on The Trilogy Tapes, which is where the TTT comes from. Thought you should know.

Over an hour of runtime, Geo Rip wade hip deep through gurgling techno and mid-fi house, the gooey textures soaking their trousers like slime from those plastic slime eggs you got as a kid, but, like, a sprawling subterranean sewer space full of it. The slime is crisscrossed with clear cables through which you can see electricity pulsing like neon. If you feel so inclined to join Geo Rip in the middle of this purple, blue, and green scene (that’s just the colors I’m applying to it in my head – there are probably pinks and oranges and yellows and stuff in there too), you’ll find it impossible to keep still, like you’ve been hit with the wobbly jitters of an energy drink but without the horrible taste or massive headache. (I sure can’t drink those things.) You’ll just keep wriggling around in the mess while future synths point the way forward. Not a bad night out! Messy, but not bad.