ORCA LIFE “Strange Language” (Fluere Tapes)

We’re all speaking strange languages to each other, baffling one another with our indecipherable messages, trying desperately to get our meanings across. It’s not easy, to be understood. It takes a special kind of person to really get what we’re all saying, to put it into words or feelings or, well, language that we all get, that we can all latch onto.

Orca Life, aka Chris Roberts, may be that person. He’s at least the only person that’s putting it all to tape. (That we know of.)

Strange Language therefore acts as a sort of emotional Babel fish, the universal translating organism that attaches to your inner ear. Through its emanations you can tap into the wavelengths of others, thus resulting in full empathy. The lovely ambience (created with a wide array of tools, a list of which you can peruse on the inside of the tape’s j-card) whispering forth from Orca Life’s imagination perfectly complements the almost assured outbreak of world peace we’ve been waiting on for so long.