“Monument 36” C74
(Eh? Records/Public Eyesore)

Arc’s “Monument 36" is a Deep Listener’s delight, braiding the binaural pulses of low hertz drones with plodding, electro-acoustic bows & whistles, thus revealing an unending sunrise that creeps across unindustrialized swaths of land at a patiently relentless pace.

The parsing out of which sources used were created organically straight-to-tape, were captured and heavily treated (and/or occasionally looped/augmented), and which ones were products of choirs of oscillators is no easy task…and I suppose it really doesn’t matter. 

This tape bridges the gap between meditative visionaries like Eleh and Éliane Radigue, adopting their careful, catatonic narrative-revelations in spirit, but sprinkling in the more dynamic approach of interdisciplinary sound cultivation* and, perhaps a liiiii’l extra pep, here & there. Relatively speaking, by the time a bowed cymbal makes its presence discernible, it comes off heavy as a stoney riff.

Spread uninterrupted across four distinct movements (program repeats on side B), Monument 36 is an electroacoustic-drone lover’s dream!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*ie: organic v. synthesized