“Ever Notice How Everything's Stupid?” C26
(Blacktop Records)

Why, yes. Indeed, I HAVE noticed how everything is stupid. Especially this tape. As in, Stoopid-Good! I can’t get over how goddamn fun it is. Once you get past the brutal/false start (you’ll see), the second track cuddle-mauls you to death with gooey distortion and reverb goodness (a la the Jesus & Mary Chain, like, uncannily) and the hits just don’t stop coming. Fun fact: did you know that J&MC’s “Automatic" was NOT a greatest hits album? Well, years down the line, ENHES? Will be viewed the same way. From saccharine to earnest, the lyrics are guaranteed to touch the hearts of all aging punx, (and make ‘em chortle) while the hooks are guaranteed to last looooong after the last song closes up shop. 

If you dig J&MC, Sebadoh, or the Rentals (and you should), this dude’s homage to them (and all great 90s alternative/indie rock, for that matter) will not disappoint!


— Jacob An Kittenplan