MIRROR OF NATURE “What the Photograph Reproduces to Infinity Has Occurred Only Once C67 (Muzan Editions)

This collab by ambient guitarist Cinchel and percussionist Mike Weis (joined by Neil Jendon, who recorded the album, on synthesizer for a track) feels ancient. Like it’s a prophecy, a scroll set to music. Or, if not a prophecy, then a document of divine wisdom. At least that. There’s something here that defies logic yet feels 100 percent rational. Spirituality meets tactile engagement. The esoteric hits the ground.

But then you get lost in the philosophical suggestions of the titular photograph, its infinite representation a false legitimacy disproved by actual events. Cinchel and Weis are your guides across maps and atlases, over windswept mirrors and frozen canvases. Their interplay is the compass and the magnetic fluctuations that throw off your direction. The holy divination becomes an ever-shifting endpoint among a deepening complexity.

And it’s incredibly difficult to get back on your original track. Good thing the diversions are equally fascinating.