SODA LITE “Vale & Stone” (Inner Islands)

The confluence of events of May 18: Soda Lite releases “Vale & Stone” on Inner Islands (2019); my brother is born (1980); my friend John is born (1977); Pope John Paul II is born (1920); Mount St. Helens blows a gasket (1980); Ian Curtis commits suicide (1980).

Yeesh, May 18, 1980, was quite the day.

Still this is 2019, and this is Inner Islands, so “Vale & Stone” is sure to be a glistening pool of sonic healing, a mana or health spring of twinkling light-as-nourishment, fit to banish the bad vibes of May 18ths past forever (except for the birthday ones, because those are pretty great). And even beyond May 18, 2019, I have hope that Soda Lite’s newest excursion will be the balm that quiets the anxiety of modern discourse, a correction to a toxic course and a check/balance to emotional overload. Will it satisfy those criteria?

It will.

Life is/should be simple, and the tranquility of Soda Lite illuminates the path to self-healing and internal reason. New Age meets ambient by the serenity pool, where stacks of smooth rocks imbue meaning and joy while fountains and other water features trickle in the background. We are encouraged to eschew dysfunctional thoughts, and the anxiety we retain from long-past trauma can be obviated in the face of a brand new dawn. Look how “Vale & Stone” is contributing, helping! It’s like a natural high, and a lifting of weight from burdened shoulders.