“Formic Syntax” C41
(Cosmic Winnetou)

Ant after ant after ant after ant,
With their skittish, excited whirr 
and flutter, 
electric guitar-drone 
mutterings stutterly, lipless 
upshuttery, a nagging dull ache
Lost in trans-elation, grimaced
Reaper of sewn sutures
unafrayed, a volcanic wound repaired
By ant after ant after ant after ant

“Formic Syntax” reminds us, in no many words, how mysterious (and ripe for misinterpretation & misappropriation!) our etymologies concerning entomologies may be. It’s pretty easy (and fulfilling) to meditate to this soundtrack whilst imagining each reverberating friction as if elicited intentionally by a horde of ants descending, in frenzied unison, upon a sickly spider, taking back the night.

This particular Ebauche release on CW manages to massage musique concréte and industrialism into a vividly choreographed mire of insect revenge…and then provide a soothing time-lapsed amalgam of deluge and drought, all in one serene sitting. 

The tape is, of course, already sold out (as pretty much all Cosmic Winnetou tapes are wont to be, almost immediately), so let’s just keep our eyes peeled for more to come!


— Jacob An Kittenplan