“Subterranean Landscapes” C35
(Constellation Tatsu)

In three* layers or less, Chris Otchy refuses to repeat a goddamn thing to you. His unrepentant knob-twisting at the arpeggiator & e-ivories yields the soundtracks of all hyper-agitated perambulations you’ve ever wistfully strolled, distilled!  

A groove is carved in stone, but CO's synth-waters chisel, meander, warsh, scrape, and destabilize any developed relationship with said (rhythmic) bedrock felt, until we’re all not so sure we’ve even a stead of solid ground to stand on. Mayhaps, we shall levitate?

To boot, considering the refutation of any sense of static, Chris Otchy’s “Subterranean Landscapes” may be so poignantly paired with Jordan Christoff’s** “Enveloped” for back to back listens. Each tape proves spellbindingly mesmerizing, yet contrasts progressively in that they both offer a vibrant bolstering of hazy-lazy daydreaming, To The Max. 

Half-nap, half-brainstorm, “Subterranean Landscapes” is a healthy dose of inspiration, and I’m looking forward to more!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*HEAVILY tweaked; liek…one flattened track equals maybe two-point-three-repeating, here
**also in CT’s Winter Batch