“Suculenta” C31
(Ingrown Records)

Chilean electronica artist, Claudio Cisterna, pounds out some loosey-goosey (almost jammy) electro-funk beats on his kit, and then colors their edges in with groovy bass lines and keyboard preset tones straight oughta old school 8-bit video games. The feel is jagged, raw, minimal, bewildering; with no more than four separate tracks competing for your attention at any given time, each one tugs just slightly off from the other, filling in an otherwise airy warehouse party vibe, or maybe some neon-clad 80s detective show in Florida or something.  At times angular and loopy, at others, meandering and sprawled out, “Suculenta" plays like a throwback dreamt up Noir soundtrack to a bygone memory, hazily self-erasing. 

— Jacob An Kittenplan