“Enveloped” C46
(Constellation Tatsu)

Jordan Christoff’s patient, ocean-infused dronescapes range in gathered chords from beatific to outright ominous; and it is above these deceptively tranquil waves that he floats boldly* the disassociated suggestions of birdsong, crest/trough, and the wind-ruffled leaves themselves, these morphing clouds all wrung via synthesizer, field recording, and pedal**, alone. 

JC's work unfolds glacially in both pace and power, his blurry visions a muted scaffold in which to hang sunrise-reflecting silks over the mind’s eye. Thus warmly blindfolded, “Enveloped" proves truly amazing for both actively tracking*** each layer as it comes & goes, or simply letting oneself get lulled to sleep. This is an ambient-drone masterpiece!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*relatively speaking, of course
**as in, plethora of- mostly reverb, delays, reverb, & loopers…& reverb
***or at least attempting to!