TED APEL & ANTHONY BURR “False Iguana” C35 (Muzan Editions)

You COULD read all about the process and the gear and junk in the liner notes, but that’s BORING. Just get to the tuneskies already.

You know I’m kidding, right? Hey, I’m gonna nerd out on process and gear just as much as you are, although I’ll spare you Anthony Burr’s lovely details here – you can read them on your own. What you need to know is that Anthony Burr played organ and Ted Apel worked his magic around a modular rig, and the result is two sidelong slabs of psychedelic drone that you can get lost in for days.

That’s not unusual for a Muzan Editions release, and “False Iguana” fits right in to the catalog. Thick smears of organ characterize “Hollow Phobos,” resulting in the building and blooming of tactile environments. “24-Track Set” twinkles and shimmers with a seamless melding of the players, where it is impossible to tell where one sound source ends and the other begins. Come to think of it, that may describe “Hollow Phobos” too…

Not many of these left at the source, so I suggest you start clicking that URL. If it is sold out by the time you read this, then I’ve tried my best. I’m sorry.

Anthony Burr (Hey, Anthony Burr teaches at UCSD! My cousin went there!)