“False Iguana” C35
(Muzan Editions)

For all you "senior/vintage" cassette player owners out there (the machine, not the human), this tape is going to exercise your kegels to the ever most extreme! TA & AB each employ DIY synths and an old Univox combo-organ, respectively; and the deliberate mixing/time-warping of their recorded apparatii will forever keep you on edge as to whether or not your belt-drive has finally given up the ghost…or was that dissociative fluctuation perhaps just a well orchestrated premeditation?!

With VERY strong “Four Organs*” flavor, “False Iguana” vacillates between natural, binaural waverings and sincerely architected tremolo, all the while inserting a subtle, nearly-dismissible field recording that might never otherwise beckon the highlight of day, were the mix/mastering not so superb!

Towards the end, there’s a pretty sweet (yet nearly innocuous) punch pulled…but you’ll have to listen for yourself. This release might be a lulling homage, but it’s 100% engaging and, as per Muzan Editions’ MO, a truly noteworthy piece.


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*As this IS absolute Reichian tonal glory, sans stilted repetition!