“Self Titled” C30

Just as masterful as any Steffan Basho-Junghans, Six Organs of Admittance, or Voice of the Seven Woods album ever made, New Hard Folk’s debut eponymous release on Unifactor is absolutely fucking brilliant. The unadulterated acoustic interplay between 12 and 4 string guitar is not only flawlessly seamless, but at times it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between the two. Glib though their pseudonym may be, New Hard Folk is seriously the freshest breath of air given to the American Primitive genre in a long time, and I really, really fucking hope this isn’t a one-off. Alas, do we even deserve such goodness?

Man, batch #8 by Unifactor was a righteously curated guided tour of future guitar innovators and I was having a hard time imagining how they’d follow it up…but, by now, you’ve seen batch #9, right? HOT DAMN!!! Synthscape visionaries!

— Jacob An Kittenplan