“Flow and Return” C34
(Constellation Tatsu)

Curved Light’s sonic output is much akin to the artwork of Eric Carle, in that he (Peter Tran, not EC) also starts out his projects by first creating twinklingly consonant (electronica) bases that could stand on their own as psychedelic wallpaper or gift-wrapping for the ears, but from there he then pedal-knob-X-acto’s each asymmetrical sound-mandala into independent primary shapes and smooth-edged mood-fields to be stacked, spliced through, woven, and/or bled into one another in a stream-o-conscious conveyor belt of over-stimulating bliss-krieg. This ever-permutating patchwork of rising and receding patternalia is immediately striking, to say the least, but it’s the long-term psychoacoustic effects of being bombarded with so many crystalline rainbow-fountains and neon-laser nets that simultaneously calm and energize one’s spirit by the end of the tape that makes “Flow and Return” a great tool for withdrawal-free meditative mood augmentation practices.


— Jacob An Kittenplan