“What the Photograph Reproduces to Infinite Has Occured Only Once” C67
(Muzan Editions)

Been a big fan of Cinchel for a loooong time coming, and this collaboration with percussionist (Mike Weis) and Synthesizerer (Neil Jendon) finds me ever more enamored of his ability to wring cosmic, lulling waves from an electric guitar (and oodles and oodles of pedals, mind you) in thee most captivating, yet non-commanding ways, possible. No easy task! 

It’s as if (in the case of this particular release) C’s tones know juuuust how to accent his bandmates' surrounding tribal, ceremonial pulsations and mountain-cried modular drones. Again, No Easy Task! Completely melodically-evasive, “What the Photograph Reproduces…” is nevertheless infectious; it calls for no narrative, yet is transportive &, in itself, an unquestionable mental scaffold for communing with post-midnight desert breezes and shooting stars for-like-ever-on-outward, the soundscape’s movements eddying and dissipating into roving constellations’ absentiae, rebelling against connect-le-dot paradigms, period, or en ellipsis… 

Be apprised that this is brilliant cosmic-jamz chemistry at it’s most unmappable core, & I hope it isn’t sold out by the time this review reaches you. I played the damn thing until it petered out before wrangling the words to attempt to describe it. It’s now warbly beyond recognition…which is kinda just as cool, right?


— Jacob An Kittenplan