“Under The Same Sky”

If comments/feedback on Bandcamp is any indication, this outfit has a bit of a following.
From Manchester, UK with a slogan of “Ambient music provider since 1991” you’’d  think they’ve been around an ambient block or two. Not to worrry, they have and then some.

The tape opens with multiple voices espousing the benefits of the impending summer and fun to be had at the beach. Immediately the ambient factor joins in and you have rolling waves and a drone simultaneously building. Symphonic splashes add to the depth here and make for a pleasantly building piece. This is “Memories Gestate” and proves to be a worthy introduction to what will follow.

The second track is “Contraits” and is a bit heavier and darker . It’s as if storm clouds have settled in over the landscape with a pending summer rain in the cards. This is particularily well executed and ultimately proves to be my favorite on the tape.

The remainder of this tape does not disappoint. Clearly the artist had a vision and executed it skillfully. Rather than a track by track run down, I want to reinforce how well put together the themes are and the instrumentation itself. This outfit has a back catalogue which I would love to hear and has learned well from the years of creating they have had.

I wasn’t privy to much background and/or bio info so i can’t share whether this is a multi-instrumentalist unit or the work of a sole artist.  In any event, this tape comes highly recommended for anyone with ambiient music interests.

-- Robert Richmond