“Lifeforce” C37
(Constellation Tatsu)

On Arrowheads' “Lifeforce”, myriad contrapuntal, meandering synth arpeggiations, modular flares, and constantly tweaked drum machines all coalesce into a deliriously heady, heavy groove. The tone and pace is nearly demanding of mid-twentieth century sci-fi/space scenarios to be conjured, internally, and I was completely unable to walk down the street listening to this without pondering how much of a pain in the ass it’d be to successfully plan interplanetary travel via public agencies. Should I trust the government to provide adequate ferrying? Would I even trust a loved one who also happened to be a phenomenal rocket scientist and machinist? Via “Lifeforce”, I shall contemplate these logistics and space-the-fuck-out safely from my own living room floor.

I can’t wait to watch Solaris while listening to this!


— Jacob An Kittenplan