“Parks” C38
(Muzan Editions)

ODD NARRATIVE is pretty much the perfect name for this collaboration between Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach, their cultivated sonic contents unraveling like a summer-crammed amusement PARK full of the gregarious estranged and out-turn'd hermit; it sounds like you wouldn’t expect. That being because you couldn’t. Well. Maybe. 

Muzan Editions makes it a Real Point to promote artists that scratch that Novelty-Itch; sound-sculptors that really make it their Modus Operandi to give our ears something we couldn’t possibly predict (even after the second and third time listening, sometimes!), but that, once we’re familiar with said alien sonic terrain, we’re not only comfortable exploring, but adding our own (theoretical) internal permutations alongside. Not exactly “hummable” with, but more…”emotionally ambled to”? Does that make sense?

As usual, ME has released a great album to engage in Walking Meditation with, and your own inner cinematography will find unending scaffolding with which to engage!


— Jacob An Kittenplanj