“Namisen” C34
(Muzan Editions)

In the kinda maybe sorta same-ish way that Pauline Oliveros electronically re-imagined the repetitive fierceness of traditional Balinese Gamelan with her “Tiger's Eye/Lion’s Tale”,  Chie Otomi* does so, too, here, but at his predecessor's antipoles, with these very most languid, glacial, Jasmine Isle-esque allusions of aural-pointilisms; thus “Namisen” is named/birthed.

The very same it-takes-a-village-to-raise-a-ruckus discipline is present, here, but the tones are sporadically rendered in further isolated clusters, each fading pod distantly overlapping, only, in a magically concise way, which, over the course of this all-too-short release, proves to be an unpinnable-yet-lethargic groove-mood. I don’t mean to say that this is an M. Feldman-esque venture so much as a gorgeous call & response style-set of sympathetic synth-poses that both don’t head towards any specific place, yet Still energize the recipient (that’d be us), with their intuitively concerted communiqué. 

Half minimalist homage, half C3PO beatbox Sesh (but, like, via a DJ Screw séance at 1/16 rpm), Chie Otomi keeps delivering the engaging vibes that Muzan Editions has been a stalwart purveyor of. Can’t wait to hear what this tape sounds like when WORN OUT**!!!


— Jacob An Kittenplan

*possibly unintentionally. I’ll admit I’m maybe reading/listening into it, here. Am I full of shit? You be the judge!
**which’d be imminent