RADIO SKOTVOID “Install All” C28 (Property Materials)

“Install All” is the electronic equivalent of a wartime pirate radio station, and Boston’s Radio Skotvoid is your emcee for the evening. Well, I guess an emcee would have to use their voice, and there’s no voice intoning seemingly random but in actuality super coded numbers on “Install All” (although sometimes I wish there was). Instead, Radio Skotvoid broadcasts dark and stuttering missives into the night, daring you to cock your ear just right so that patterns emerge.

They do … and they don’t, but figuring out the cipher and connecting the dots is all part of the fun. The beats, when they’re there, pulse in and out of time, forcing you to impose structure upon them as they go. This is a tape that twinkles with distant longing at times, the fractured realities of the compositions giving away the melancholy underneath the framework. But there’s all kinds of nuggets of information encoded in the magnetic tape – the delivery is just a disguise for a more potent message. It’ll lull you into a false sense of security, then, when the tape warbles or the pitch shifts, the real communication will begin. Can you catch the hidden meaning in the air?