BOB BUCKO JR. / TONY MONTANA “Split” C9 (Personal Archives / Poop Tapes)

Bob woke up on the wrong side of the bed one day. In fact, he fell out of it, into a pile of his instruments. In a fit of rage, he flailed about, raising a cacophony that lasted for not very long before he made it to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Fortunately, as he was flailing, he hit record on a portable tape player, which captured his morning flail. Turns out the ruckus makes for quite the scrambled noise punk improv, a scuzzy blurt of weird rage directed at nothing but what life has to deal you every once in a while. Like tumbling into the midst of your gear.

Tony Montana – NOT Tony Orlando! – was so enamored with Bob’s band Sex Funeral that he made his own song about them. It’s as long as Bob’s three songs on side A put together. It’s also in the exact same vein as Bob’s tracks, as if somehow Tony was hiding in the closet when Bob did his side and tried to improv/cover the proceedings in real time.

I’d actually like to see that happen.