“Coral Music” C37
(The Gertrude Tapes)

While I’d prefer not to Sleep With the Fishes just quite yet, I sure wouldn’t mind taking a nap with 'em on some guarded atoll whilst listening to this “Coral Music” release, Aaron Russell’s debut album as a solo, minimal electric guitarist.

&if his instrument could take a slow walk down memory’s shifting shores, this six-string soliloquy might be just what it’d mutter to itself; recurring thoughts (notes) stretching out (reverbed) over long expanses of mood to color the following frenetic fancies (next movements) that all deep reminiscing doth yield. 

With equal punch dedicated to sympathetic strings ringing and quick bursts of top-speed noodlery, AR’s first contribution to the Gertrude Tapes catalogue makes for a pleasant mid-afternoon respite amidst the backdrop of a hectic day’s wrapping itself up. I personally dug this the most as an accompaniment to the backdrop of tapering off rush hour traffic, but it’s simple enough to be incredibly versatile like that.

—Jacob An Kittenplan