This soundtrack tape is the twelfth release by the artist. To my knowledge, it’s at least his third film score, so one might expect Mr. Pizarro has a comfortable niche in this regard. Without further pause, let's find out!

If I wasn’t convinced by the artwork that this was a horror flick score, then the opening cut, “The Call” was solidifying proof. Deep bass synth pulsations, loud objects being “dropped” then some distortion sweeping in. This, all in the first few minutes. Side one continues with a  series of surprising twists and, of course, a sense of impending danger. All done without overusing any particular effect.  Side two follows a like theme with suspense and surprise being the key words in defining this music.

A word about the packaging-well, maybe several words. The j-card, like the tape and its contents, is all top notch. The cassette is still available (at this writing), but only four remain. A special blood soaked version was created in a very limited number and only one remains. The tape is wholeheartedly recommended to any collectors of film scores or interesting electronic music. This is one of the better film scores I’ve heard this year-and that includes all configurations.

-- Robert Richmond