“Five Pieces” C30
(Histamine Tapes)

Germany’s Dominic Razlaff takes to task a slew of reverb-soaked synthesizers, obfuscated field recordings, destroyed tape loops, and, most novelly, a ukulele and a cavaquinho, to churn out some insanely hyper-saturated, quasi-oppressive drones; &through these last two (the lutes’ wooden cavities, specifically) he unapologetically harnesses and weaves in some fairly shrill overtonal whisps and bulldozer bass feedback, yet still manages to remain fairly pleasant, if not a touch morose. All in all, this is still a gloriously relaxing set of drawn out tones; only when you crank it up to 11 will the deeper, grittier intricacies reveal themselves; and maybe that’s not everyone’s cup of tea? Good thing this is so versatile! 

Depending on the reverberant qualities of your listening chamber, dynamic response of your headphones, and/or volume choice, “Five Pieces” allows itself to expand and assume the shape of easily a handful-and-a-half of varyingly perceivable albums. Choose your own bummer adventure!


— Jacob An Kittenplan