“Mandan / Moroni” C56 / C58
(Os Tres Amigos)

Even the above pictured cassette shells are glued to the back of 120+ grit sandpaper, which is to say that this release, on every level, is mighty fine. Os Tres Amigos (Portugal) should be known by now as a label that takes great care in the dramatic curations of their physical releases, providing a memorable piece of art to ponder alongside the sounds contained within their tapes’ magnetic strips. 

Peter Kris, by any measure, holds up his end of the deal.  "Mandan/Moroni" gives us nearly two hours of contemplative, minimalist electric guitar meanderings that patiently veer and sway just off the beaten paths between ambient-drone and guitar-soli disciplines, each and every single track a distinct sonic labyrinth of its own, loosely drawn with ghostly melodies, relaxed pluck, and all the time and patience in the world. 

As you’d imagine, the tapes are already almost sold out, so get hopping!


—Jacob An Kittenplan