LANDFILL “Into the Disposal” C17 (Orb Tapes)

Orb Tapes goes full grindcore with Landfill, an Ohio-based trio who’s as fast and loud as you probably expect. Riding a disgusting wave of militarized drums, guttural vocals and mangled guitars get chopped to bits as they’re tossed “Into the Disposal,” a fitting destination for society’s castoffs. For that’s what bands like Landfill are: musicians and artists who simply aren’t appreciated by the masses. That’s why they have cult followings and niche markets. They’re more revered in those situations.

“Into the Disposal” collects a bunch of tracks featured on splits. Landfill has shared the releases with the likes of Fed Ash, G.B.S., Ridiculous Terror (love that name), Mortal Error, and Sidetracked. It’s a punishing slog through a hellish miasma of blast beats and death squalls. And it’s pretty damned exhilarating at that.