MIA LOUCKS “Old” (Related Records)

Released on a self-described “oddball/weirdo/specialty label” based in Phoenix, I must say Mis Loucks is a proverbial breath of fresh air. Composed of eleven tracks which feature Mia’s soft spoken talk-sing and straightforward backings, this tape nevertheless is mesmerizing from start to finish.

While the collection is primarily folk guitar driven, there is some use of keys which helps to break up any sameness that could possibly derive from the simplicity of the structure of the songs. While I have it on no authority, I suspect this album was recorded on cassette, which adds an additional homespun touch to the proceedings. The songs themselves are hook-laden and in some cases, feature multiple track vocals by Ms. Loucks.

The cassette is nicely packaged with an extended full color j-card in the traditional jewel case.
There is little information on the packaging or the website beyond song titles other than the notation that everything was written, recorded and performed by the artist.

I find myself curious about some of the other releases on this label and hopefully some of them will filter through for reviews. Be that as it may, this is a highly enjoyable, if not a tad, uh…unique offering. If you’re inclined toward outsider music, this is a sure bet.


-- Robert Richmond