FEVER DREAM HORROR SCENE “Fever Dream Horror Scene” (Sister Cylinder)

“Murk” rhymes with “lurk,” and the two words couldn’t be more appropriate to the Fever Dream Horror Scene modus operandi. Dead leaves blow in late autumn around the goth-rock trio as they perform for ghosts at cemeteries and are cheered silently by the sidelong looks of likeminded outcasts. Like a half-speed Stellastarr* worshipping at the altar of Bauhaus, the Bloomington, Indiana, trio celebrate post–All Hallows’ black masses in overdriven majesty, shattering basement windows with titanic blacklit shockwaves.

Not gonna lie, this is a lot of fun.

Reminds me of when I was in college and digging through post-punk and new wave back catalogs and mixing it with gallows humor (or just the gallows) as I barely gave a shit about anything anymore. I’m reliving that now with Fever Dream Horror Scene. You can too with one of these gnarly EPs, limited to 100.