“III: Sunrise & Sunset” C58
(Mystic Timbre)

Between bygone scaffolds of stilted, dungeon-synthy tones* & riffy arpeggiations twinkles and slithers an ancient, astral ceremony of Space Hearts harkening and sentimental dirt dwellers rapt in celebratory toil. &yet still, between these glorious forces, a slew of surprisingly fitting modern novelties punctuates the scape, rendering our sky-map at once ostentatiously Sci-Fi and deeply sentimental. 

Seikai’s “III: Sunrise & Sunset” is an all enveloping quest of mystical proportions and sound potions that’s pretty much guaranteed to transport the listener far, far away from their internal state, obscuring Earthly mood, speed, and time, in bewildering combinations.

Austin, TX’s MYSTIC TIMBRE imprint has one hell of a good thing going here, folx. Get in on this!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

There is no time like the preset, right?